You are an expert

De Philmain is a network of professional and experienced consultants in Supply Chain Management.

Do one thing and do it well

Same as you don’t pretend to be an expert in both finance, supply chain, HR and sales,

We don’t pretend to master all the business streams of our clients.

We believe in the specialization and doing what we know best. In our case this is the Supply Chain Management.


We don’t aim to be thousands, we prefer to be a few but to know each other,

We mostly work with recommendation from experts we know and have worked with.

The best of both worlds

We are not a sales company working only with freelancers,

We are not a consulting company trying to make everything on its own,

We believe in the combination of trustful internal and external experts able to work together in a healthy, opened and transparent relationship.


De Philmain is not only about a network of individuals. We develop an eco-system composed of diverse profiles :

Experts : at the heart of the eco-system

Clients : without them we would not have exciting transformation to work on

Solution vendors : in today’s world the technology can be a game changer when it comes to innovate, optimize and accelerate

Start-ups : the history has proven that some of the biggest changes come from new players. We like to follow the innovation from the Supply Chain Tech industry